Stand before the largest moving dinosaurs ever exhibited

Dozens of giant dinosaur skeletons and robots, as well as activities and videos, reveal new research into how dinosaurs grew so large. This turnkey exhibition can be presented indoors or outdoors. After huge success in North America, we're now touring Europe and Asia.


  • The longest-necked dinosaur ever discovered, over 20m long
  • Optional peeing and farting animatronic dinosaurs
  • The tallest dinosaur known, over 10m high
  • Full-sized robotic and skeletal T. Rex
  • The only touring display of the original Jurassic Park dinosaurs
  • Six videos and many hands-on activities


  • Indoors 4m High Ceiling, Except One 5m High & One 10m High Dinosaur
  • No Climate Control or Special Security Necessary
  • Temporary Walls & Lights Needed
  • Installation: 7 Days
  • Deinstallation: 5 Days
  • Expert Personnel: 2 Exhibitor Installers, 1 Robot Technician


  • 10x Lifelike Animatronic Dinosaurs - 7 Dinosaur Sculptures
  • 11x Dinosaur Skeletons & Casts
  • 4x Fossils
  • 6x Activities for the Whole Family
  • Audio, 7 Videos, Environmental Smells
  • 6x 9'x20' Murals of Dinosaur Environments by Period
  • Available Audio Guide, Educators' Guide & Gift Shop Inventory
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