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A temporary for-charge exhibition in a 20,000
square-foot space on the roof parking garage
of the Georgia Aquarium.

Art and artifacts in honor of horses in ancient China. From the Han Dynasty to the Tang, with two authentic Terracotta Warriors to stand guard.

The first major international exhibition of Great Wall artifacts permitted by the government of the People’s Republic of China.

The beauty and fragility of Earth’s greatest remaining wilderness hit home with awesome power via a pioneering blockbuster exhibit: PENGUINS IN PERIL.

Extinct Projects

Original fossils from several Chinese museums displayed to reveal the unparalleled diversity of dinosaurs discovered across China. Debuted at Royal British Columbia Museum to 400,000 visitors, Chinasaurs toured North America for 6 years. 

Contrasting movie fantasy with scientific evidence. The world's most popular touring natural history exhibition, it was seen by more than 7 million people worldwide. Produced in association with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment and Universal Studios, the exhibition raised more than $3 million for dinosaur research.

A successor exhibition debuted at the American Museum of Natural History and toured throughout the United States to benefit dinosaur research.