Full-Size Dilophosaur Skeleton Cast

"Dino Don Certified" Paleontologist-Approved Dinosaur Skeleton Replica





Dilophosaur - [di-loph-o-saur] - Carnivore, Early Jurassic

Full-Sized Dinosaur Skeleton Cast

Dinosaur Details 

With a name meaning “double-crested lizard,” the Dilophosaurus had two semicircular plates growing from the top of its head. These plates were parallel and were likely used for communication or attraction. This carnivore, who could grow up to 6 meters in length, has been found in North America and Asia and lived during the Early Jurassic period.

Material Composition 

Our expertly-crafted dinosaur skeleton casts are full-sized recreations of the remains of history's most dominant reptiles. Under paleontological supervision, detailed skeleton casts are created and used to produce scientifically-accurate replicas using high-performance materials. Excellent for museums or educational institutions to discover the structure that supported these creatures in life-size scale. 
Dimensions 6 meters long x 2.1 meters high
Material Composition Silicone Rubber, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel
Assembly Required Yes

"The Latest, Liveliest, and Most Accurate Dinosaur Recreations for Zoos, Museums, and Parks."

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