Life-Size Animatronic Apatosaur

"Dino Don Certified" Full-Size Robotic Dinosaur with Realistic Features





Apatosaur - [ə-pāt'ə-sôr] - Herbivore, Jurassic

Full-Sized Animatronic Dinosaur

Dinosaur Details 

Known as Brontosaurus for almost half of a century, this thick-limbed and heavy-bodied Sauropod grew to incredible lengths, up to 25 meters! This massive North American herbivore used it’s long tail tip by a whip-like structure to protect itself from hungry carnivores foolish enough to take it on during the Late Jurassic period. 

Material Composition 

Expertly engineered with stainless steel, quality motors, and advanced synthetics, our animatronic life-size dinosaurs move smoothly and realistically to simulate the realities of the Mesozoic. With our advanced support guarantee, your dinosaur will be impressing guests and spectators for years to come.
Dimensions 20 meters long -- 7.8 meters high
Movements Mouth opens & closes synchronized with sound, Head moves up, down, left, and right, Eyes blink, Forelegs move, Breathing simulated with stomach movements, Tail sways
Material Composition Steel frame, Motors, Reduction gears, Foam, Silicone
Operation Method Infrared sensor, Remote control, Automatic
Power Required 1200 Watts
Accessories Included 1 control box , 1 infrared sensor, 1 remote control, 1 Dino facts, 1 speaker with volume control and built-in amplifier with woofer, 1 fiberglass rock to hide control box and speakers (control box can be activated Automatically with 10 different time duration settings, or it can be activated by using the infrared sensor or remote control)

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Available to Purchase Individually or Rent as Part of Package