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Who We Are

ExhibitsRex Inc. is a global force in touring natural history and cultural exhibitions. For over 20 years, our exhibitions have been hosted at many of the world's preeminent cultural entertainment venues. Over ten million people in five continents have enjoyed our productions.

We enjoy providing opportunities for a global audience to experience and understand our planet's incredible history together, and we're always looking for ways to improve. ExhibitsRex Inc. uses the wisdom of experience to revitalize and reinterpret history. It is our mission to give people access to the wonders of the world.

Retelling Old Stories & Revealing New Histories

Genghis Khan

American blockbuster now ready to tour the world. Sets, murals, videos, live performance, and activities complement the largest collection of Mongolian artifacts from Genghis's time ever toured. Curated by Smithsonian scholars.

Art & Culture Revitalized for Today

Giant Mysterious Dinosaurs

New research reveals how dinosaurs grew to record size. Featuring 20 full-sized robots, skeletons, and sculptures up to 70 feet long, with activities, videos, and murals. Available internationally for indoor or outdoor display starting September 2018.

Combining Experience, Expertise, and Fresh Perspectives